Rituals to Invite Balance and Well-being

By changing the way you do routine things
you allow a new person to grow inside of you.

~Paulo Coelho

This site is a compilation of rituals and stories from many different people around the world. Each post is a different person's response to an invitation to share their rituals for healthy living, activities or behaviors they do regularly for the purpose of bringing value to their well-being. Perhaps there is a ritual in these pages that will catch your attention and find its way into your own life. To help keep this site alive, comment on what you read, share your story if you try one of the rituals, and submit new rituals.

Welcome and Enjoy!


Listen to Birds, Insects, my Thoughts

Before mom passed away:
Called her every day
Told her I love her every day

What I always do:
Wash my face and brush my teeth before bedtime
Take my two pills before bedtime

What I strive to do:
Listen to birds in the morning
Listen to insects at night
Listen to my thoughts when I wake up
Look out the bedroom window at the roses blooming
Collect water from the shower and water plants outside
Be conscious of water use
Have reading glasses in hand

What I do now:
Listen to Paul sleep
Check on Paul if he is napping in the daytime
Listen to how energy is flowing through my body

What I always have done:
Think a lot
Touch different textures
Love music
Find beauty in everything

I think this is a lot, but I feel that it describes a lot of rituals in an overview that are important. I feel like I have just sent an outline of my life.

Cathryn P. Cooper
photo by Cathryn P. Cooper

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