Rituals to Invite Balance and Well-being

By changing the way you do routine things
you allow a new person to grow inside of you.

~Paulo Coelho

This site is a compilation of rituals and stories from many different people around the world. Each post is a different person's response to an invitation to share their rituals for healthy living, activities or behaviors they do regularly for the purpose of bringing value to their well-being. Perhaps there is a ritual in these pages that will catch your attention and find its way into your own life. To help keep this site alive, comment on what you read, share your story if you try one of the rituals, and submit new rituals.

Welcome and Enjoy!


Invitation to Share Your Rituals

Dear friends,

At this moment I'm sitting in one of my favorite Seattle coffee shops, my bagel finished, hot tea still at my side. It's a windy and cloudy day here... a perfect opportunity to snuggle up and write to you! I hope this first day of June (or whenever you happen to read this) finds you well with a smile resting gently between your ears!

I'm writing to invite you to share with me a little sliver of your life. Lately I've been thinking about rituals. More specifically, I'm curious about rituals that encourage healthy living - rituals that nourish our bodies, minds, hearts, souls and relationships. I would like to have more of these rituals in my life and so I'm turning to you to learn from you.

Are there any activities, behaviors or ceremonies that you perform regularly?

Perhaps you say a prayer before eating, go to the gym 2 days a week, meditate in the mornings before you begin your day, enjoy a day of silence once a month, eat only raw foods on a certain day, wash the dog with your child every Sunday, have a family meeting, take yourself out on a date, attend a religious service, take a deep breath before getting out of the car, the list could go on and on.... that's where I want your help!

I consider a ritual for healthy living to be an activity or behavior that someone performs regularly for the purpose of bringing value to ones well-being. It could really be anything!

If you have a ritual that you perform, be it big or small, I would be so honored if you would share it. You can describe it or tell a story about it. Whatever feels most comfortable to you. I will collect these rituals and once it seems like I'm done hearing from people I'll send out another email, sharing all the rituals I have received so that you can benefit from each other's rituals for healthy living.

Thank you so much for your participation (which includes just reading this email). And please feel free to forward this message onto others whom you think have a ritual to share. Rituals can be sent to me at openingspace@gmail.com

With love and gratitude,

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